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Tygelsjö Gård | UDC

Tygelsjö Gård

Tygelsjö Gård

Tygelsjö Gård is an old and beautiful farm consisting of seven buildings, most of them built in 1909, still with modern elements as the machine hall constructed in the 1990´s.  Its predecessors can be seen on maps back to the 1600´s, and they have been placed on almost the same spot since then.

The farm can be seen as a kind of “Village in the village”, with its pleasant location within Tygelsjö in South-Western Malmö, it is near to both Copenhagen in Denmark, as well as close to the ports of Trelleborg and Ystad, where the ferries leaves for Germany and Poland. Tygelsjö Gård is close to the E6/E22-road and it is therefore easy access to all the roads up to the rest of Sweden. At Tygelsjö Gård we rent out premises for living, storage or lighter activities, as well as let out land for farming.

We can be your Hub in Sweden, and also only fifteen minutes away with car/truck from Copenhagen in Denmark!

Always feel free to approach us with suggestions of what kind of storage or activity that could be of interest for you and your organization. We will take them into consideration and see if we can be able to offer it at Tygelsjö Gård.