"We believe in engagement and co-operation."

We welcome all customers and consultants that want to make a change in developing countries..

About UDC

UDC AB is specialized in International Recruitment and CSR-activities. Since the start in 2006, we have made several projects within these two business areas. Within Recruitment we offer our customers the right consultant and competence for doing development projects. Most often we act as sub-consultants to larger colleagues in the market. As CSR-consultants and lecturers we have assisted several companies and organizations, in various countries and cultures. We strive for serious and long-term impact on the sustainability-activities of our customers.

Besides Recruitment and CSR-activities, we have added another business area, and that is the activities within the existing structure of the farm Tygelsjö Gård, which is a subsidiary of UDC AB. We rent out premises for living, storage and lighter activities, as well as let out land for farming. In doing these activities we have added knowledge and skills in SME-activities coupled to regional development and business sector development, that can be an asset for our customers within the international development projects.

We are handling tomorrows opportunities within Gottorps Gård, a subsidiary to UDC AB. The focus is here on possibilities that occur within farming and housing. It can be about to acquire a farm or house in the nearby area, and to strengthen it with both renovations as well as added tenants with longterm purposes and contracts. This will be of advantage to maintain old structures and history combined with financial strength and sustainability, old and unique houses does not have to be demolished-they can be kept and upgraded for new purposes.


What we do

We provide recruitment service to our clients as a sub-contractor and every case is unique, so the service and product we provide to our customers is formed ad-hoc and in deep cooperation with our clients.

Within sustainability and CSR we have both theoretical and practical knowledge, and we see a project with our customers as enriching and want to make long-term impact. Throughout a year we meet customers in business, academy as well as in organizations and within the society. Our customers take use of our experience, and that is then applied to the actual context, and we make progress together.

Tygelsjö Gård is a kind of “Village in the village”, and for our tenants we provide premises for living, storage and lighter activities. With its pleasant location within Tygelsjö in South-Western Malmö, it is near to both Copenhagen in Denmark, as well as close to the ports of Trelleborg and Ystad, where the ferries leaves for Germany and Poland, and as the farm is close to the E6/E22-road it is easy access to all the roads up to the rest of Sweden.

Gottorps Gård is a subsidiary that deals with upcoming possibilities, where the focus is to combine business and behavior. It is a kind of CSR-view, that sustainability comes out from both being able to make profit still having in mind to do it with responsibility, and that it exist stakeholders around us in society that shall be taken notice of. We look forward to create contacts with for example house and land-owners that want to secure that what they have built up, will be for use and enjoyment for generations to come.   

We offer

We offer our customers an extensive range of compentence and experience within development work, through the companies roster of international consultants. Our customers can be found in both developing and developed countries, and in areas as the Business sector, Public sector, Organizations and Ministries.

We can assist you and your organization with the whole range of CSR-activities, from an initial survey about what seems to be suitable and reachable goals and activities, and then through the whole process of securing the match that is natural but not always visible in “Walk the Talk”.

We have premises at Tygelsjö Gård, a nice and historic farm just five minutes from your arrival to Malmö and Sweden over the bridge from Copenhagen in Denmark. At Tygelsjö Gård we can assist you with houses for living, storage or lighter activities.

Gottorps Gård is for future activities, and we are interested in combining the best of business and behavior, creating possibilities to keep old houses and farms to coming generations. In doing that we seek long-term profitability and to be sensitive to both stakeholders around us and the society at large.